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Official Codes

Effective July 1, 2016, the State of Washington adopted the codes listed below. It is important that you are familiar with the codes prior to submitting an application in order to avoid unnecessary delays in processing your permit.


The Washington Cities Electrical Code (WCEC) Committee is now receiving code change proposals to the current 2014 edition of the WCEC.  These proposals should be made with the 2017 National Electrical Code in mind.  Submit changes via email to: using the following form.      WCEC Revision Form         Proposals will be accepted between October 10th and December 31st of 2016.  Thank you.   




Purchasing Code Books

Code books are available for purchase in Bellevue at the International Code Council office, 2122 112th Ave. NE, Suite C. Their phone number is 425-451-9541. They also ship books to the University Bookstores, both the Seattle and Bellevue branches.

Code books can be purchased on-line at:
In addition, copies of these codes can be viewed at each city’s building department location and at the King County public libraries. When using an electronic database to search for these, we recommend that you use key words such as "Code," "Building Codes," or more specific key identifying names.

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